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A man showing his dreadlocks.

Locks & Beauty Is Our Duty

Bespoke Dreadlocks For All Hair Types In Bristol

Gorgeous Dreadlock Hairstyles & Maintenance Products

Whether you want one of the trending chic dreadlock hairstyles or are feeling rebellious, trust our loctician expert at Vichi Rymes Dreadlocks & Skincare in Bristol to help you score the look you desire. We are a family-run hairdressing and beauty business established in 2012. We have 12 years of experience creating fresh locs from scratch and working with all hair types, lengths, and textures, all the while guaranteeing your satisfaction. Dreadlock extensions can also be added to achieve any length and style!

Our beauty services further extend to facials, skincare services, as well as wedding hair and make-up packages. We also carry a selection of quality hairdressing and beauty supplies as well as make personalised skincare product recommendations from reputed brands, including the Mary Kay range, available for purchase online.

A woman flaunting her afro kinky hair.

A Wide Range Of Hair & Beauty Solutions

You can rely on our adult’s and children’s hairdressers and locticians for expertly styled dreadlocks. Whether you are coming in for instant starter locs or to upgrade your already dreaded hair, we provide a professional and speedy service every time, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work. In addition to creating and maintaining dreadlocks, we also offer 100% natural hair and beard growth oils specially created by Destiny to help you keep your locs clean, healthy, and looking great.

A woman with long dreads.

Fresh Dreads

We use advanced techniques to curate gorgeous dreadlocks that reflect your unique personality and style.

A woman receiving dreadlock maintenance service.

Dreadlock Maintenance

Our personalised maintenance can include everything from crocheting the new growth to tidying up the length.

A loctician conducting a dreadlocks training session.

Dreadlock Courses

If you love dreadlocks and want to learn this skill, you’ll love our courses available for all ages and experience levels.

Four bridesmaids flaunting their hairstyles.

Wedding Hair & Make-Up

From creative dreadlock hairstyles to awe-inspiring make-up, we can help you look and feel your best on your special day. 

A woman receiving facials.

Facials & Skincare Services

We use exclusive Mary Kay products to offer skincare solutions. Discover an extensive range of facials, chemical peels, and more.

Dreadlock Services

We offer our one-on-one dreadlock appointments from our home studio in Leigh Woods, Bristol. Weekend bookings are available.

Afro Locks

Creating from scratch or root maintenance (from £80), depending on hair volume.

Crochet Locs

Creating from scratch or attaching dread extensions to hair (from £150), based on volume and length.

Interlocking Roots Maintenance

Starting from £80, depending on hair volume.

Adding Volume To Locs

Thickening or adding more locs to fill gaps created as your dreads mature.

Strengthening Weak Roots

Thickening the roots that have become thin and weak due to the pressure from weight or tight twisting/interlocking techniques.

Joining Locs

Merging separate locs together to help them along in a way that best suits your style.

Styling Locs

Creating various styles with locs for men, women, and children.

A woman posing with fully-locked dreads.
A man having dreadlock hairstyle.

Tinting Locs

Adding colour to locs – from full-head dyeing to highlights.

Locs Repair

Professional repair services for damaged and broken locs. We can solve almost any dreadlock problem.

Retwist And Styling

Retwisting and styling locs for a fresh look and to prevent unravelling.

Loc Extensions Installation

Installing extensions to lengthen locs, regardless of hair type and texture.

Filling In Bald Patches

Adding locs and styling them to cover bald spots.

Matted Hair Detangling

Untangling knotted hair to recover your natural hair without cutting the dreadlocks.

Moving Locs Around

Rearranging locs to cover bald areas or change root amount or shape.

Crochet Tidy-Up/Maintenance

Enhancing loc appearance by using a crochet needle to smooth and neaten them.

Hairstyling tools kept on the table.

Dreadlocks Consultation

Your journey to the perfect locs starts with a dreadlock consultation where we listen to your preferences, priorities, and vision, and together, we'll celebrate the beauty of embracing your hair. Using advanced crocheting and braiding techniques, we can twist and manipulate your hair into the desired knotted locs that practically stay in for life.

On the fence about what dreadlock style is right for you? At Vichi Rymes Dreadlocks & Skincare, you will receive personalised advice to help make the right choice. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your dreadlocks, hair, or hair products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for expert hair treatment recommendations. We will be most happy to assist you in your journey to getting that perfect locs or healthy hair growth. Also, check out our FAQs online for more information.

A picture of Destiny Jukes - a loctician at Vichi Rymes Dreadlocks & Skincare.

Meet Destiny Jukes

Dread Loctician, Stylist And Hair And Beard Growth Oil Producer

I'm an African loctician and hair growth oil producer based in Bristol, with 20 years of experience crafting beautiful dreadlocks with passion and love. Whether it's working with dry or wet hair, I can help you achieve styled dreadlocks in the shortest time possible using my own hair growth oil brand called IJE, which can also be applied as soon as the session is over. And don't worry about interruptions—my home studio sometimes includes my lovely kids, who you'll adore too! 😉

I have years of experience working with different types of hair: African, European/Caucasian, and synthetic hair of both adults and children. Using two types of crochet needles, I deliver fast, durable, completely natural dreads. I don’t use waxes and gels to avoid build-up residues and excess products in locs. I also utilise natural hair growth oil products for the retwisting and palm roll method, mainly for Afro hair. 


Starting your loc journey doesn't have to be messy—I can give you a mature-looking crown in just a few hours, whether it's with your own hair or extensions. I also offer tips on how to maintain your locs in addition to our personalised services at affordable prices, with discounts for regulars.


Looking to boost hair growth and vitality? Try my in-house Vichi's Wild Growth Hair Oil, a 100% organic blend suitable for all hair types, including children's. With glowing reviews from our customers, this oil has proven effective in addressing a variety of hair concerns. These include slow hair growth, hair thinning, bald patches, damaged edges, dry scalp, itchy scalp, hair loss, beard-related hair concerns, and a lot more.


For your hair care needs, check out my shampoo and conditioner recommendations. Got questions or concerns about your locs or hair health? Reach out—I'm here to help you achieve your perfect locs or healthy hair goals.


Respect and Love to you all,

Destiny, from Vichi Rymes Dreadlocks & Skincare

Hear From Our Happy Customers

A Really Good Find

“Destiny was a great find, not too far from where we live. A lovely, friendly lady with a beautiful family. She brought my husband’s 30-year old dreadlocks back to life with a full head retwist and crochet repairs. We also purchased the IJE growth oil and H20 spray and look forward to the results. A really good find, and we will be back in May.”

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