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A loctician creating dreadlocks.

Dreadlock Loctician Courses In Bristol 

Do you aspire to become a professional dreadlocks loctician? Perhaps you're a hairdresser or hairstylist eager to master the art of dreadlocks creation and maintenance? If you enjoy making creative hairstyles and are ready to achieve the highest level of dexterity, then check out our loctician courses at Vichi Rymes Dreadlocks & Skincare in Bristol. Our courses help you build up and expand your knowledge of locs and learn the skills required to start, maintain, and care for dreadlocks as an expert.

Established in 2012, we specialise in creating hand-crafted dreadlock hairstyles, working with both natural and faux hair. Our loctician will teach her time-honoured skills in crochet hook technique, Afro locs, starter and instant locs, retwisting and styling, loc repairs, and more. If you are interested in our dreadlock courses for beginners and professionals, contact us today.

A woman having uniquely styled dreads.

Hands-On Dreadlock Training

Our courses pave the way for a transformative journey, starting with the fundamentals and progressing to advanced techniques in modern dreadlock innovation and design. We believe in unlocking creativity and pushing boundaries in the hairdressing world, catering to all ages and experience levels. Our expert loctician, Destiny Jukes, provides personalised guidance to nurture each student's unique flair for creativity, bridging the gap between technical skill and artistic vision in modern hairdressing.

Dreadlock Making Course For Beginners


  1. Introduction to dreadlocks

  2. Hair preparation

  3. Dreadlocking methods

  4. Maintenance and care

  5. Styling and accessories

  6. Troubleshooting and problem-solving

  7. Q&A and community building

Advanced Dreadlocks Making Course


  1. Advanced dreadlocking techniques

  2. Styling and maintenance for mature dreadlocks

  3. Dreadlock colouration and customisation

  4. Dreadlock extensions and modifications

  5. Repairing and restoring damaged dreadlocks

  6. Advanced problem-solving and troubleshooting

  7. Business and entrepreneurship in the dreadlock industry

Interested In Our Loctician Courses For Beginners Or Professionals? Call 07880 565534 For More Details & Enrol Today.

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