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Several hair growth oil products are arranged on the table.

IJE Products & Hair Growth Oil In Bristol

Love your hair the natural way and grow it longer, stronger, and healthier with Vichi's Wild Growth Hair Oil for hair and beards. At Vichi Rymes Dreadlocks & Skincare, we provide quality haircare products from our in-house brand – IJE. Our haircare selection is designed to help create and maintain beautiful dreadlocks in any hair type.


Since 2012, Vichi's Wild Growth Hair Oil has been the trusted choice for dreadlock enthusiasts in Bristol. It is purely organic and suitable for natural Afro-textured hair as well as relaxed and Caucasian hair. Also suitable for children and adults, this hair growth oil is clinically tested and formulated using 100% natural herbs to help improve a range of hair problems or conditions, making dreadlock care easier, faster, and cleaner. Contact us to book a consultation to discuss hair growth treatments.

IJE Products

H20 Treatment

 IJE H2O Hair Treatment is a conceptual hair product targeting hair health improvement. It features a mix of botanicals like rosemary, clove, ginger, and hibiscus to tackle hair loss.

Hair Growth Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Use IJE Wild Growth Hair/beard Oil for Growth, Length and Health. IJE's wild growth hair/beard oil is purely organic and suitable for natural afro hair, relaxed and Caucasian hair.

Shampoos & Conditioners

An image showing the Black Monat Shampoo + Conditioner.

Black Monat Shampoo + Conditioner

Black shampoo works better for dreadlocks, as it helps to melt all residues in locs and never leaves residue stock in your locs.

An image showing Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo.

Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo - £40

If you experience dandruff or a dry/flaky scalp, we recommend intense repair treatment shampoo to achieve stronger, fuller-looking hair. 

An image showing Volumizing Revive™ Shampoo.

Volumising Revive™ Shampoo

A mild shampoo that adds volume to thin, limp, and flat hair. It cleans your scalp, helps hair grow stronger, and reduces hair thinning.

Discover Firsthand The Incredible Results Of Our In-House Hair Growth Oil Brand. Call 07880 565534 To Order Now.

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