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I am an African loctician who live in Bristol ,I have been creating locs for the past 7years and, with the true passion and love, I provide a wide range of dreadlocks services:

-Afro locks- making them from scratch/root maintenance (from £60) depending on volume of hair

- Interlocking roots maintenance(from £60) depending on volume of hair

-Crochet locks- making from scratch/attaching extensions(from £150) depending on volume and lenght

- Adding volume to your locs by thickening them or by adding more locs to fill the gaps

- Thickening the roots that have gone thin and weak due to the weight or twisting/interlocking methods

- Joining locs together

-Styling locs

-Tinting locs

- Moving locs around (for example, to cover bald spaces, or to change amount or shape of roots)

- Tightening - making locs look smooth & neat by pulling with the crochet needle all the hair that sticks out from the locs

- Installing dreadlocks extensions

I work fastest with dry / not oily hair, oil can be applied as soon as the session is over. I work from home unfortunately, so cannot offer the wash and I apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.
I have worked with different types of hair, African, European, synthetic; adults, children.

I work with two types of crochet needle and the results are fast and long-lasting,and i also work with natural products for the Twisting and palm roll method mainly for Afro hair.

The customers who want to start locks don't need to go through a messy stage and can get a mature-looking Crown in a few hours, whether made from their own hair or the extensions.

I offer affordable prices and give tips on how to maintain your locs. There are also discounts available for regular customers.

So, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your dreadlocks, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me; I will be most happy to assist you in your journey to getting that  VICHI LOCS LOOK.

Respect and Love to you all,


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